What is Metaverse ?

Metaverse is a blockchain project that provides a foundational infrastructure for social and enterprise needs. Our goal is to construct a universe where digital assets (Metaverse Smart Token) and digital identities (Avatar) build the basis for asset transactions with the help of a value intermediary (Oracle), thus establishing a new blockchain ecosystem that will transform human society and allow us to enter the New Reality.

MST + Avatar + Oracles + On-chain Exchange


The New Reality

Digital Assets (MST)

Digital assets (Metaverse Smart Token) on Metaverse blockchain are trust-free, traceable and immutable decentralized smart properties that can be freely registered, transferred, issued, deposited, used as collateral and burnt.

Digital Identity (Avatar)

Digital identities are self-sovereign identity ledgers on the Metaverse blockchain. Digital credit is created through interactions with assets and other identities.

Oracle Intermediary

Oracles are service providers with digital identities. Rather than decentralization, Metaverse integrates intermediaries into the blockchain, providing rapid and transparent supervision.

On-chain Exchange

Metaverse allows value to be exchanged freely and easily. Control of assets is returned to the user, preventing assets theft.

ETP Markets

Metaverse ETP is the token used on Metaverse and can be used to measure the value of smart properties in Metaverse or as collateral in financial transactions. ETP is also used to pay transactions and other fees applied on Metaverse.