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Your safe trading environment in the digital markets of 2022. Join now before it gets too late.

Yuan Pay Group is a unique trading system that can help you trade e-yuan - the hottest Chinese digital currency of 2022 - and other digital money via a reputable broker. Initial investors can trade any digital currency along with a variety of assets, including forex, commodities, and much more. With our reputable human brokers, one can access trading opportunities, automation tools and market signals, kept secret up to recently by major financial institutions. While you risk losing money, Yuan Pay Group offers an exciting start to your crypto journey. Join now!

Notice: Newmetaverse.org is partnering with Yuan Pay Group and will be joining forces in dominating the crypto trading market.

Why Should I Join the Cryptocurrency Markets in 2022?

Despite the strict regulations imposed by the Chinese government, it's not a secret that crypto trading has helped many smart investors generate notable benefits. The number of Chinese billionaires with e-yuan accounts is increasing.

But it's not only there! The financial world is changing. You can feel it, right! It's time to forget about passive income, major banks, and dodgy parties providing trading services.

With Yuan Pay Group, you can take advantage of this changing world in no time.

  • We connect you with reputable brokers that can help you trade digital currencies and assets.
  • The Yuan Pay Group software offered by our partners comes with numerous perks to help you tame the crypto volatility, including crypto bots, market news, and outstanding security algorithms.
  • With the Yuan Pay Group App, you can trade even from the comfort of your home.
  • We steer clear from fake reviews and multiple third parties that aim to abuse your personal details. Because your safety is our priority!
  • We at Yuan Pay Group review the digital market 24/7 to find partners that allow you to start trading with a small trading capital of $250.

How Does Yuan Pay Group Work?

Enter your details and create an account. We will transfer you to our partners, who will contact you to verify your data and ensure your safety.

Fund your account with an initial investment of $250 and explore the trading platform offered. Just remember to trade only money you can afford to lose and familiarise yourself with relevant crypto rules.

Start trading. While we can promise you will begin generating insane profits, we promise an enjoyable start. And guess what! To enhance the whole trading process, our partners offer ongoing support.


Yuan Pay Group is the only company that allows traders to find the best reputable brokers in their area. For our services, we are compensated by our affiliate partners. Note that we do not provide any trading advice. The content above is exceptional and for informational purposes only.

Trading remains risky due to the notorious crypto volatility. You may lose money, even your entire capital. Consult a licensed professional and invest only what you can afford to lose.

Furthermore, as previously mentioned, crypto regulations vary. Always do your own research. In the UK, the promotion of cryptocurrency CFDs has been banned by the FCA with a statement PS 20/10.